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On shelves at Barnes & Noble nationwide
100cameras Featured in Conscious Magazine at Barnes & Noble, Union Square, NYC

100cameras Featured in Conscious Magazine at Barnes & Noble, Union Square, NYC

We are honored to be a part of Conscious Magazine Issue #03, and we admire their vision to thoughtfully and effectively push the needle forward in a conversation that is centered around how innovative ideas and creative solutions are used to create impact around the globe. CM is a movement and a community with a strong human connection, inspiring readers through powerful storytelling and beautiful design about what it means and what it takes to be a conversation starter.

Huge thanks to the CM team for continually believing in 100cameras and joining alongside us to further our vision and share with their readers. Find out how you can become a member and join the conversation at

Photo by Victor Chen

Photo by Victor Chen

Launching the 100cameras Workshop Program

Coming to Communities Nationwide

Specially designed and written to join alongside educational programs across the country, our workshop format will enable us to equip more students with the tools to tell their stories while also empowering them to learn that their perspectives are important. 

What better way to help individuals learn young that their voices matter and that they can choose the definition and direction of their own personal story! To learn more about this workshop format along with the goals and benchmarks of this curriculum, check out the details at

Know of a program that would benefit from our custom made lectures, activities, and exercises? We have a few application slots open! Just complete this quick form to provide some starter information, and our team will be in touch.  

We couldn't be more excited to get this initiative rolled out in more communities, and we need your help to get the word out. Please share with your friends, networks, and local educational programs, and we hope to be present in a community near you soon!

Featured by the Photo Op Journal

"Early on, we would say that we’re helping to give a voice to the voiceless; however, I soon realized that’s so wrong because the kids already have voices. Beautiful voices, powerful voices. They just perhaps haven't been heard yet."

Our co-founder & chief storyteller, Angela F Popplewell, sat down with the fine folks at the Photo Op Journal to talk candidly about our beginnings, start-up stories, "real life" for our students, and how photography can be a vehicle for tangible change. 

Huge thanks to the Photo Op team for believing in our mission, helping capture the heart of our vision, and sharing it with the photography community!

At play in South Sudan - by Kiden, 16. See more photos

At play in South Sudan - by Kiden, 16. See more photos

From the heart of it all

A letter from the perspective of a student and a teacher
Danna, pictured 2nd from right, helps lead students during our follow-up project in NYC. Once a student in the learning center, she is now a confident and respected teacher.

Danna, pictured 2nd from right, helps lead students during our follow-up project in NYC. Once a student in the learning center, she is now a confident and respected teacher.

My name is JP Pullos, and I’m the Photography Education Coordinator for 100cameras. I’m also a professional photographer, and I run a business creating and selling instructional videos for beginner photographers. One thing I’ve learned about myself over the years is that I tend to approach everything I’m up to very, very seriously. I’ve always thought of this as a good thing but, since I started teaching kids for 100cameras, I’ve found myself shedding my serious side and approaching my life in a much more playful way. You see, when you find yourself giving a camera to a 14-year old boy or girl who is touching a camera for the very first time and you recognize the bubbling excitement in their eyes, it becomes virtually impossible to not take that sense of wonder and discovery into other areas of your life.

I’ve had many moving experiences since I began teaching for 100cameras but the most profound happened on our third day of teaching classes in Madurai, India. Madurai was one of the locations where we taught kids who were using a camera for the very first time and we were navigating a significant language barrier. Explaining even the basic functions on a camera is hard enough when both teacher and student speak the same language but it really felt impossible since I found myself teaching primarily through pantomime and pointing. I was shocked when two students stopped taking pictures for a moment to show me a handful of functions they had discovered on the cameras we had given them, functions I wasn’t aware of. These kids, through the sheer force of their eagerness to learn and their sense of play, had taken something complicated and had made it very, very simple. Up until that day, I had held words and concepts up as the most important tools available to me as a teacher. Those students taught me that, even in the absence of a shared language, approaching a subject with excitement, playfulness and a willingness to discover was all that was required to learn something new. In fact, our 15 young students in Madurai took far less time to learn and master concepts like exposure, aperture and shutter speed than most adults take to do the same here in New York City, where I teach most weekends. 

I’ve had the opportunity to personally talk with a handful of the kids we’ve taught after a good amount of time had passed since their classes with us. What struck me most was the sense of pride that each of our former students has not only in the images they created but in how much they contributed to their community as a result of the classes. I remember walking into the after-school program center in the Lower East Side to meet the students that had participated in the 100cameras classes years earlier and each of their faces lit up as Angela exclaimed that the money from the sale of their images had gone toward purchasing four desktop computers for the learning center. The kids were proud to have created images that were seen as valuable and, in turn, provided a much-needed resource for their community and peers. 

We exist solely to be a model of empowerment. Take Danna for example, a student from our NYC project. Growing up on the Lower East Side, she comes from a family of nine brothers and sisters. After working hard against many obstacles to pursue her goals to get a college AA degree, she’s currently working at the after-school center and as a paraprofessional in a special needs pre-school while pursuing her career in Early Childhood Education. 

Danna believes 100cameras has shown her how to express her thoughts and emotions and perspective with a different outlet.

I believe my photographs along with my story will help New Yorkers, especially youth, know and understand that while yes we may grow up or live in a neighborhood that is not rich or wealthy, that doesn’t mean that they have to live the rest of their lives in the same circumstances. I can attest to that because I grew up in the same neighborhood as they did, and now I’m in the process of completing my professional goal to become a Pre-School teacher and one day to own my very own Daycare Center.

You see, our photography curriculum is designed to teach photography basics but, more importantly, we leave these young adults with a sense of validation and what might be their first real sense of making a contribution to their respective communities. Creative outlets in any form are important, but 100cameras has built a curriculum that provides so much more. As she does so well, Danna says it best in her words when reflecting on her time in the 100cameras course, 

Photographs can help people see the perspective of others because photos capture what we can miss to see with the naked eye — that we all have emotions, we all have needs, and we all want what’s best for us and our families. It does not matter what part of the world we live in.

This is why we do what we do. And this is why we ask you to come alongside us and join our vision to equip more students like Danna to learn young that their voices matter and that they can help lead change in their circumstances. 

Would you consider giving a gift to 100cameras this year?

There is no amount too great or too small, and your support will go a long ways for us in 2016 to empower more kids worldwide. If you would like more details, you can read what we've been up to and all that is ahead in 2016 at Thank you for your support and for considering your gift today. 

We are overwhelmed with gratefulness,

-JP Pullos
Photography Education Coordinator

ONA x 100cameras: A Celebration

To celebrate our partnership with ONA bags, we gathered together a few hundred of our fellow New Yorkers to celebrate beautiful design and everyday storytelling!

Attendees had the chance to learn about our collaboration, check out the bags for themselves, and get involved with the 100cameras mission.

We were thrilled by the opportunity to share our exciting collaboration! Thank you to everyone who made the night a success including ONA, Parlor New York, and our amazing volunteers.

And an extra special thank you to our host committee. We couldn’t have done it without you:

Want to learn more about ONA x 100cameras or purchase a bag? Visit our info page here

All photos by Mark Thompson. Click to see more in our Facebook album

ONA x 100cameras: It's Here!

Proud to announce the launch of our first-ever collaborative bag.

At 100cameras, we are continually exploring new ways to empower more kids worldwide to realize the importance of their perspectives and to create change. By partnering with inspiring companies to custom make products, we are able to combine passions, beautiful design, and further good across the world together.

We teach kids from all around the world that their stories matter and we empower them to create tangible change in their communities. We believe in your perspectives too. That's why we teamed up with ONA, a company that believes in your passions as much as we do.

Enter ONA.

In 2013, we first came to know the incredible team behind ONA. ONA is "a purveyor of fine bags and accessories," but they are so much more than that. They explain, "In Swahili, the word ona means, 'to feel,' 'to believe,' and 'to experience with the eyes.' This is the essence of photography and style."

We knew that our mutual passion for photography had the potential to lead us on an exciting journey, and now it has. 

The Bag.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a special 100cameras bag, brought to you by ONA.

The special edition ONA x 100cameras Prince Street messenger is available now. Each bag is beautifully handcrafted from waxed canvas featuring Italian leather accents, solid brass hardware, and a special leather patch on the interior flap. Each bag is perfectly suited for daily work or play, or you can insert the included customizable dividers to transform the messenger into a truly unique camera bag.

If that weren’t exciting enough, $25 from the sale of every ONA x 100cameras bag sold will fund operating costs for 100cameras, supporting our mission. This will enable us to further empower more kids and their communities through photography. We are honored to be part of this exciting collaboration.

To learn more about our collaboration and to purchase your bag, click here.

Want to learn even more about the ONA x 100cameras partnership? Check out the ONA partnership announcement and a special interview with 100cameras founder, Angela Francine Popplewell.

Welcome to our news section

Our blog has moved! Follow along here. 
Photo taken by Jose, age 13, during Project003:Cuba in 2011

Photo taken by Jose, age 13, during Project003:Cuba in 2011

We're moving on up on from our olden blogging days at tumblr to incorporate a news section that's integrated directly here into our website. We're excited for this fresh start in keeping you updated in a timely matter regarding all things 100cameras, empowerment, and general life inspiration. 

Inspired by this advice once given from the father of one of our teammate's,

"to know where you are going, you first have to learn from where you have been."

we salute our history that takes us back and close to the start of our vision in 2009, and we'll be keeping our old blog history public for the archives. This is also for those moments when we just need some celebratory nostalgia about the journey of this mission, the inspiring kids and partner organizations we have had the privilege of working with along the way, and the community here on the ground that has built it. Here's to where we have been, who we are now, and who we will become: