We need your help to make it all happen! 

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation and help give kids the following: 

  • The opportunity to learn the skills of photojournalism to share their perspectives 
  • The platform to share their images as products for sale 
  • The empowerment to see their work provide lifeline, educational, or healthcare supplies for themselves and other community members

There are two ways to give:

1: Donate

We are committed to fundraising separately to cover administrative costs because it allows us to send more funding back to our partner communities to enable more change. By giving a one-time financial gift or by scheduling a recurring monthly donation, your support will help provide us with a predictable stream of income to plan financially and reduce time spent on fundraising during the year.

2: Mail a Check

Made payable to 100cameras and mailed to the following address: 

100cameras, Inc | ATTN: Angela F Popplewell | 601 W 26th Street, Suite 325-211 | New York, NY 10001

3: Sponsor a Kid by Adopting a Camera

Sponsor a Kid

This initiative gives you the opportunity to become a central part of the mission. Your gift will enable one kid living in a marginalized community to participate in the next 100cameras photojournalism course. This student will receive their very own camera to document their everyday while learning that their perspective can make a difference.

As a sponsor, you will receive exclusive updates before, during, and after the project. Upon completion, 100cameras will send you the student's biography along with 10 images taken from their perspective. Adopt-a-Camera is a one time donation of $500.

4. make a connection to a sponsor

We are always pursuing innovative ways to partner with brands, corporations, or individuals to create a greater impact for the students and communities we serve. If you are interested to learn more, have a specific idea for collaboration, or would like to make an introduction to someone in your network, please contact our Chief Storyteller, Angela Francine Popplewell.