Photo taken by Aung Moung during Snapshot: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Photo taken by Aung Moung during Snapshot: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Since the very beginning, it has been our vision to equip as many kids as possible worldwide to learn that their voices are important and that they can make a difference. Over the years, we have received hundreds of inquiries from passionate and talented photographers, teachers, and community leaders asking to bring 100cameras to a community of youth they care deeply about. Equipping these folks to bring our mission of empowering kids through photography to all corners of the world has always been a part of our core values, and we have been working hard to create something that gives life to this long-term vision. 

Enter our Snapshot Project Platform: A unique and custom-built model that equips passionate people to teach self-expression to kids worldwide. By bundling up everything we have created and learned from the field, our Snapshot Project Platform kit puts the opportunity to teach and empower students directly into your hands. We want to help you live, breathe, and thrive in leading a project in a community you are passionate about and are committed to. 

application cycle now closed

Applications will reopen in summer 2017. Please follow @100cameras on social channels for news announcing when the application cycle will be open. With each application cycle to follow, we will continue to build our Snapshot Projects family -- ultimately reaching hundreds of communities across the world through the dedication and commitment of our Snapshot Project Leaders (SPL). 

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We have completed our first round of beta projects and are inspired by the outcomes of equipping dedicated, talented, and beautiful leaders with the tools to run full speed ahead. Click to learn more about each Snapshot!