Snapshot Project: rio de janeiro, brazil

Spearheaded by Scott Bennett, this Snapshot Project served kids living in Morro da Providência, Brazil and was hosted in partnership with the CoFondation and Casa Amarela, a house at the top of the favela. Casa Amarela is used as a cultural, social and educational center for the people of the community. Through partnerships with local NGOs and inhabitants of the favela, the space is used to offer art workshops and interactive classes for the kids in the neighborhood. 

Upon completion of the course, the students curated a photo exhibition and were honored with a celebration ceremony. It was truly an evening for the students to remember, and as Scott shared, the best part of the exhibition was having each student from the class sign their photos and then hang them. "I told them that since they are artists, an artist needs to sign the work that they do. For most of them, this was the first time that they experienced such an event." Not only did the students share the photos with the community, listen to music, and eat some wonderful food, they also received a certificate stating that they finished the 100cameras Snapshot Project. "Everyone had a great time, and the students were very proud of their work…as they should be!"

It was great to see how far the group has come since the very first day (and how many photos they had to choose from for the edit)... Having the students be aware that some of the photos they choose will eventually be sold on the 100cameras website and the funds raised will go directly to their own community is an empowering thought!
-- Scott Bennett
Douglas watching as Caio shoots a photo during Snapshot Project Rio 2017

Douglas watching as Caio shoots a photo during Snapshot Project Rio 2017

Read the full Snapshot Project experience from Scott's perspective in our featured behind the scenes blog post:

100% of proceeds from the students' photo sales will go directly back to the students' community. Based on the current needs of the organization, the proceeds raised will go directly back to Morro da Providência and Casa Amarela educational projects in the future. Empower a kid's perspective by purchasing the students' images!

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