Partner Organization application

100cameras partners with organizations to bring local solutions to local problems.  We are seeking partners for both domestic and international projects.  Partner organizations are selected based on the following criteria:

1. Must be a community affected by social, racial and/or economic injustice in U.S. or abroad.
2. Must establish and maintain long-standing partnership with 100cameras.
3. Shows substantial need that 100cameras can positively impact through photography education and/or funds.
4. Must demonstrate accountability with funds.
5. Must work with children/youth in the community.  Those children/youth should:
    a. Be central to the organization’s mission.
    b. Benefit from the funding from 100cameras project and the partner organizations’ programs.
    c. Be available to participate consistently in a 1-3 week photography course.

If you are interested in partnering with 100cameras or would like to suggest a partnership, please complete the following application.  All questions are required.

Name *

Thank you for your interest in partnership with 100cameras.  We will contact you with any further questions.  Please note it may take a few weeks to receive a response.