meet jansi

The camera has a magical, transformative power when placed in the hands and creative hearts of our young photographers.

It is always a blessing to see our students lower any guards they may have from their past hardships, gain confidence in their photography skills, and feel proud that the world will hear their stories. Your donation makes this mission possible. We are happy to share with you this transformative story of our India Photographer, Jansi.

Jansi seemed shy and sat quietly in the back during the first few classes. In our third class, we asked everyone to share their future ambitions along with photos that helped communicate their interests. Jansi was one of the first to break the silence and share that she aspired to become a nurse because she liked to take care of people and that photography helped her express her desire to see things in a better light.

Regardless of the devastating effects of poverty and AIDS on her family, Jansi found confidence in proudly sharing about her future dream to help others. Her shy persona continued to transform as we saw her boldly begin to express herself through the photography and journalism assignments, constantly exclaiming gratitude that her photos will raise money to serve the needs of other children. She has a sensitivity to spirituality that she says has given her strength through the tragic trials in her life, and her love for people has translated into her photography as her primary subject matter is people.

Once a reserved young lady, she now lives her passion out loud with her self-declared mantra stating, “Love each other, and everything will be happy.”

Jansi’s story is one among many. Russ Foundation director, Berlin Jose, believes that the impact of 100cameras will be a lasting one for all the children, “Their outlook towards other people, other objects, how they view the world, will forever be changed".

In order to return 100% of photo sales to serve the kids and their communities, 100cameras fundraises separately to cover administrative costs. 100% of your donation will directly fund our operating expenses, enabling us to do more projects and host more events that raise awareness and money for our young photographers and their communities.