100cameras student, Jothi, exploring her surroundings during our Project004 in Madurai, India. 

100cameras student, Jothi, exploring her surroundings during our Project004 in Madurai, India. 

We are continually exploring new ways to empower more kids worldwide to learn the importance of their perspectives and to create change. This year, we have focused heavily on expanding our reach for sales & awareness raised. Specifically, we have been targeting product collaborations with brands that can manage production and distribution -- ultimately getting the stories of our students in front of new audiences and engaging new customers and supporters. By partnering with inspiring companies to custom make a product, we are able to combine passions, beautiful design, and furthering good across the world together. We have also focused on launching the beta of our Snapshot Project Platform to help increase our impact numbers -- ultimately reaching more students and communities on an annual basis while simultaneously reaching new audiences through each Snapshot Project leader's network. We believe these two points of focus help us create a more sustainable model for both impact and sales, enabling us to attract more substantial sponsors and donations in 2016 and beyond. 

Detailed Highlights of 2015

  • Launched 4 Snapshot Project Betas: This platform is our long term vision for how to scale our impact by reaching more kids worldwide to create change in their communities. This platform packages up our unique and robust photojournalism curriculum and program into one kit and equips others to implement their own 100cameras project in a community they care about. We have accepted 4 leaders into this beta test run and projects are in the works in Turkey, Thailand, Nepal, and Los Angeles. We plan to continue to tweak this model in 2016 by slowly opening up the application process to a few applicants at a time until we are ready to fully launch. This significantly grows our reach by numbers in multiple facets -- more kids taught the power of the perspective at a young age, more communities benefitting from the kids' work, and more money raised for the community itself and for 100cameras (A built in administration fee will be implemented to the cost to contribute towards our operations and management of the platform to maintain integrity under our 501c3 umbrella. This will commence once the model is out of beta mode)

  • Launched our first product collaboration with a fashion brand. Our partnership with ONA bags to co-create a messenger bag together is our first step in many, multiplying the reach of people hearing about 100cameras (raising awareness & recruiting new supporters) while also helping bring in some operational funding with a percentage of proceeds going to 100cameras. You can learn more about this specific collaboration at www.100cameras.org/onabags. We are very proud of what we created together!

  • Secured our first PR agency to work with us a pro-bono client. While it may seem cosmetic, this has been a huge missing need for our organization in respect to multiplying the efforts of all the hard work that goes into our campaigns, initiatives, events, and projects and to help them gain more traction.

  • Launched a Storytelling Supper Initiative that includes a kit for supporters to host a dinner and share about the mission of 100cameras. This is a step towards helping mobilize those who are already engaged to take the next step in being an ambassador for the mission.

  • Launched the first stage of our Creative Ambassador program. This initiative recruits and engages creative influencers who care about our mission to commit to share about 100cameras in specific and unique ways with their audiences.

  • Sent $4,000 of photo sales to our partner in India to fund medical supplies, and in process to send $5,000 to our partner in Cuba to fund lifeline and medical supplies. We seek to do more on this front in the future. Many of the initiatives for product collaborations, campaigns with brands, and bringing on a PR Firm are an integral part of our plan to be able to increase photo sales and the amount of funds that go back towards our community.

what's Ahead for 2016

  • Partnering with a social impact tank, Formata, to help us build the Snapshot Project Platform into a functional piece that increases our impact numbers while also helping generate income for overhead management costs.

  • Continuing to roll out beta test versions of the Snapshot Projects. We plan to open up five more project opportunities in the first half of 2016. This will be our official first round of the platform. Our goal is to have a functional platform that is ready to begin taking applications and charging costs for our fully developed "program kit" by end of the year.

  • Hire 2 part-time employees. This is an important and desperate need for the longevity of our organization. All staff are currently volunteer and have been giving an average of 10-20 hours per week for a few years now. We are at a pivotal point where we need more time to keep up with our growth and also to get ahead.  

  • Pursue more product collaborations to reach new and larger audiences and to help increase distribution along with sales. If you know a strong contact at a home design brand (think West Elm) or apparel brand (think JCrew) and would consider making a connection, please let us know. 

  • Launch Project006. Our team is currently in process of determining our next location and will implement in 2016.

  • Host a follow-up project to Cuba (either late 2016 or early 2017). We will work with our partner organization, Campo Amor, to teach our photography curriculum to students (some new and some from our last course). We also plan to open up 5 slots for creative influencers to travel along with us. Our partner organization and 100cameras will plan everything, and the administration fee attached to their trip cost will cover our team costs to implement. Each influencer will also have a large platform that automatically builds in a larger reach for the project, the students, and their photos (+ sales).